"I swim and then I sleep."

Translation:Bidh mi a' snàmh agus an uairsin bidh mi a' cadal.

September 16, 2020

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Is there any way to shorten the sentence, meaning not having to repeat the "bidh mi", e.g. "Bidh mi a'snàmh agus an uairsin a'cadal."?


would "Snamhaidh mi agus an uairsin cadalaidh mi" be an acceptable (perhaps more natural) way to say this?


I think hypothetically you could say snàmhaidh mi agus … caidlidh mi (but not cadalaidh, there’s no such verb; the verb is caidil and it syncopates in the future tense to caidlidh) – but I’m not sure it’d sound natural. You often just use the noun cadal to speak about sleeping in Gaelic (eg. tha mi nam chadal for ‘I am sleeping’, etc.). Also, I don’t think Duolingo accepts simple future forms for habitual (but I’m not sure to be fair).

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