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diario vs periódico?

According to duolingo, they both mean newspaper. Is there a more specific distinction between the two?

6 years ago


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I was wondering this because when I took Spanish in school we always used periódico.

4 years ago


'diario' also means 'daily', so diario would be a daily newspaper; not surprisingly, 'periódico' means 'periodical', so it could refer to a weekly newspaper ('semanario') for example

6 years ago


As an spanish speaker, those words mean exactly the same thing. Diario is more informal, and more common, therefore more practic. Periódico is like a bigcomplicatednotstandard word, but still accurate.

6 years ago


thanks for the answer i was abit confused my self this has really helped

6 years ago


Rosetta Stone also teaches periódico and I was a little confused at first

3 years ago


Yeah, that's what confused me. I switched from Duolingo to Rosetta Stone and two completely different translations...

1 year ago


Also I want to say that depending the country, one word is more common than the other. In Spain, they defenitly call the newspaper "periódico", but here in Argentina you will never hear it like that, we call it "diario". The only difference is where you are.

7 months ago