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Word list tab - shouldn't it be there?

Hello guys!

Hope learning aspirations are stronger than ever! I noticed that e.g. in French there is a very convenient words tab where you can see a list of words you're supposed to have learned.

Why isn't there such a tab in Dutch (or how could I navigate to it)?

Thank you!

August 21, 2014



Indeed, the words tab is not enabled for the Dutch course yet, it being a new course just released in beta. :)

With regards to the immersion tab, you are able to access this tab in a round about way, by changing your language while you're in immersion, but this is not intended. It is a bug and students really should refrain from trying to use/access our immersion at this point. :)

This is also the case for the app. You are in some way able to get to our tree in the app, but you shouldn't be able to. If you do manage to work on our tree via the app, your XP likely won't be saved.

In the end, Honore is right with regards to the features that we do not (or should not) yet have.


Dutch is still in beta, therefore it doesn't have the full suite of Duolingo tools at the moment. So there's no words tab, immersion, speaking exercises, or apps yet. Just be patient - they will come.


Well, immersion actually was out there for a while (now it's gone though) and there is a workaround to access Dutch through the app; I was hoping that there is an equally sly way to access the word list as well


I used to have the words list on Dutch (right when it came out), and I remember being amazed at having over 100 words in Dutch and scrolling up and down the page in amazement at the fact that I actually knew the meaning to every one of those words, but then it disappeared :( It was kind of disappointing but it doesn't matter to much though


Hi jasopop. I would disagree with that it doesn't matter to much; I would (and, i guess, many other people) find the conventional list really helpful in the later stages of memorizing words.


I still don't have a word tab, but I would like to have one because I think it's very practical

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