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"My grandma has run to America."

Translation:Mijn oma is naar Amerika gerend.

August 21, 2014



How did she do that especially from the Netherlands???


Why from the Netherlands? The Indian girl is saying this sentence. So, I guess it is one of those thousands immigrant's stories.


I (native American English speaker) would often say something like, "I'm running to the store," even though I'm just getting in my car and driving there. When used in Dutch, is this sentence a similar colloquialism, or is it meant to be taken literally?


Does this mean that the grandmother fleed to America?


Why is it translated as "Mijn oma is naar Amerika gerend", instead of "Mijn oma heeft naar Amerika gerend"? Does the second option mean has ran and not has run? Thanks.


We can only use zijn for some certain verbs. Rennen is one of them. You can make a search for a list of these verbs.


I have a literal mind visual of that. She must take Bryan Adams seriously

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