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"I want to go to my own little house."

Translation:Ik wil naar mijn eigen huisje toe.

August 21, 2014



Ik wil naar mijn eigen kleine huis gaan


In dutch you are not obligated to use the smaller version of house: huisje, in this sentence. You can also use 'kleine huis' instead of huisje in this sentence.


I think then it would be klein, since huis is a het-word, but there's a chance that because of the mijn and/or eigen that you're right


Correct, I actually had to look this up because Dutch is my native language and I have no idea why these are the rules... Correct examples of using klein in reference to huis: - Het kleine huis - Een klein huis - Klein huis - Mijn kleine huis


why isnt "ga" used? can it be replaced by "toe"?

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