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"Zulke brieven schrijft de man nooit."

Translation:The man never writes such letters.

August 21, 2014



It is more common in English to use the phrase "that kind of" rather than "such", which is a bit odd and formal.


Yes or even "those kinds of" in a weird plural


I wrote this too. the man never writes those kinds of letters.


Do the sentences "De man schrijft nooit zulke brieven" and "De man schrift zulke brieven nooit" have the wrong word order?


both are correct, the second sentence would be emphasising he never does that.


Not true. I have British friends that use such constructions very often.


I believe this is correct English also "Such letters, the man never writes."


It’s a correct literal translation, but no one would say that in normal English. “The man never writes such letters” is more correct. English and Dutch don’t have the same word order and sentence structure.


"Such letters the man never writes." is grammatally correct English, although a less common usage. It is a more litteral translation. It is also stronger, more emphatic than "The man never writes such letters". Sometimes Duo wants a litteral translation and rejects common usage. Other times Duo wants the common usage and rejects the litteral. This is a random chance guessing game for the lerner. It shouldn't be. Duo should accept both.


Yes it does and yes we do!


how do we identify as to where is the subject of the sentence


In this case, the man would have to be the subject because the verb is singular and the letters are plural.


For the sentence "Zulke brieven schrijven de mannen nooit," would context be the only way to know what the subject is? (Ignoring, of course, the fact that brieven being the subject makes no sense).


'de' is hard to hear in the audio... grumble grumble...


If the pronounciation has to be on ZULKE BRIEVEN it should also be in English in the beginning of the sentence

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