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I lost my progress in French


I have just lost all my progress in the French course. To be honest I feared that something like that could happen but it is just to let you know. So here is how it happened:

1) I signed in with Spanish as my mother tongue (because it is :P ) and started the French course.

2) Once I finished it I decided that I wanted to learn Dutch. However, Dutch is not available for Spanish speakers. This should not be a problem because I consider myself almost bilingual with English.

3) When I joined the Dutch course, if I want to go back to the French course, it appears completely empty. In fact it is the French for English speakers (when it should be French for Spanish speakers) and it's a pity because I had the intention to keep refreshing my French course but it is less likely if I have to go through the whole tree again.

I think that the scenario when a user speaks fluently several languages and wants to study a new one (using one or the other as base language) is not well treated..

August 21, 2014



When you change your target language back to French, you have to also say from which language you are learning it from. If you scroll down the list of languages and look for "quiero aprender frances (yo sé español)" and that will get you back to your old tree/progress.

Its a bit fiddly but unfortunately that is just the way it is.


Thank you, it worked. However, I think it is not that user friendly that I need to kind of "join" the course to change to the ones I already sign in for. A nice feature is that on the flags next to our Name it would consider the courses we have already sign in for.

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