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app stuck in hindi

Hello, i downloaded the app on my phone and i am unable to change the language from hindi to english! Everything is in hindi. Please, I need to change it to english on the app. I've tried everything i read in the discussions, nothings helped. Please get back to me as how to change the language to english.

August 21, 2014



it happened with me also, try restarting the app, or your phone (The best Indian way to fix something! :P)


I just did that too! Din't work. everything is still in hindi! I even tried downloading the app thrice! lol. Any other way to fix it?


This just happened to me also! Looks like I might have to erase and start over with a new email address and lose all of my progress in spanish :(


Oh I did that also! Created a new account from a different ID, but the app continued to be shown in Hindi! It's just frustrating!


Swipe to the right on the screen. Then underneath your courses, there should be a button that is grey, and has a little + sign to the left. Click on that, then start an course for english speakers.


it won't swipe right

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