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"De premier moest naar de rechtbank om met zijn advocaat te praten."

Translation:The prime minister had to go to the court in order to talk to his lawyer.

August 21, 2014



Can someone clear up the dropping of "to go" here? I've seen it a few times. When can you drop the gaan?


You can drop gaan by the construction have to go to.../moeten (gaan) naar....


I was wondering the same thing as JaredBH. Thanks! Do you also know why you can't say "must" here instead of "have to"?


It's the past tense - "had to" not "have to"


Is this used frequently? Do native Dutch usually say "ik moet naar werk/school/bank"?
Or is it only in more complicated sentences like in this exercise?


No, this is done frequently. ;)


Since either "gaan" or "komen" could be used as the silent verb in this sentence, I don't see how "come to court" could be marked as incorrect

[deactivated user]

    "The premier had to go to court to talk with his attorney." This is an acceptable translation.


    This is a ridiculous sentence, there are so many ways of saying this and only the one accepted

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