"Where is your neighborhood?"

Translation:Dov'è il tuo quartiere?

May 21, 2013

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Is "Dov'è la tua vicinanza" not acceptable? What is the difference between quartiere and vicinanza?


vicinanza between two persons. it is the opposite of lontananza.


Why does it tell me that the correct translation is "Dov'e il Suo quartiere?"


If I remember correctly from some other comments I've seen elsewhere (and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong) I think it's because "suo" can be used as a formal version of "tuo".


When is "Dove" used and when do we use "Dov'e"?


"Dov'è" is a merge of "dove" and "è"... of "where" and "is". Use this when you want to say "where is" something. "Dove" is simply "where". Use this when you want to say something like "where do you live?"... since you don't need "è".


Makes complete sense! Grazie Mille.


Why is i vostri quartiere marked as wrong. There is nothing to indicate whether it should be singular or plural


True, but there is only one neighbourhood in question, so if you are going to use the plural you it would be "il vostro quartiere".

I believe if you were to use the form you used it would have to be "i vostri quartieri" which would be "your neighbourhoods".


"Where is your neighbourhood?" I am not English. Does this question concern a place or a group of people? Or can it mean both?

Thank you for your reply.


It concerns a place, the part or area of a town someone lives in, measured from their home outwards. Buildings in walking distance from your home are usually considered "neighbourhood".


Why isn't it tue quartiere?

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