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  5. "O leão é o rei dos animais."

"O leão é o rei dos animais."

Translation:The lion is the king of the animals.

August 21, 2014



Little hard to understand this one when you listen to it at a normal pace. :)


Do native speakers of English use "THE" in front of the word "animals" in this sentence when it is employed in a generic sense, i.e. referring to animals in general. I think the correct way to say this in English is: The lion is the king of animals. However, I'd use THE in front of animals if said: The lion is the king of THE animals in the jungle. This question is addressed to native speakers of English I'm not a native speaker of English. Please answer.


native speaker: yeah, I'd probably use "the" if I was saying this sentence. "The lion is the king of the animals" sounds more natural to me, though dropping the "the" and saying "The lion is the king of animals" would also make sense and people would know the meaning of the sentence.

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