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  5. "Daarin fiets ik niet."

"Daarin fiets ik niet."

Translation:I do not bike wearing that.

August 21, 2014



How did "daarin" become "wearing that"?


Daarin means something like 'in those clothes".


oke! this is a terrible translation and pronunciation.... i am from holland and i could not understand this computer voice.


'Ride' should really be used instead of 'bike' if you want a more accurate english translation


It might be more common in English, but a less literal translation, since fietsen specifically means riding a bicycle, while to ride can mean riding anything, e.g. a bike, a motorbike, a horse.


How in the absolute flying **** does ANYONE the first time around come up with "daarin" to mean "wearing that" !!!???


I did because it reminds me of an old fashioned thing that parents used to say to their teenaged children re. clothing choices "Daarin gaat u niet uit!" - "You are not going out in that!" (Hope I never catch myself saying it)


Why is "I don't wear that biking" wrong?


Because the main verb of the sentence is 'fiets.'


yeah you should propose that


It isn't, but I guess nobody has proposed it yet because it sounds so funny. The problem is that sentences of the form "I don't wear that dress" are so common that one is automatically led to parse your sentence the same way: Someone is claiming not to wear a specific 'biking', whatever that is. Most people automatically avoid such sentences.


no actually it doesn't sound funny as a native English speaker


to reiterate, 'I don't wear that biking,' is a perfectly natural sentence for a competent English speaker.


how would this work using "draag"? (for the "wearing that" meaning). Or in this case it couldn't be used?


I wrote 'Wearing that I do not bike' and it was marked incorrect, despite the hover text offering that translation.


Happens to me all the time but now I'm kinda learning to change the words when I translate from dutch to english. This time I got it right (to my surprise) so you should try it too


Is, "I do not wear that biking" wrong?


Is a better translation here 'I do not bike in them/that'? I feel adding the verb 'wearing' to the translation is very confusing.


Hi Rootale. "I do not bike in that", in my opinion shouldn't be marked wrong as it is the literal of the Dutch version. But using "wear", every not Dutch speaker can immediately understand in what case or situation this sentence is used in the Netherlands. And that's not a bad idea. Good study!! Lu


yes, this should be the preferred translation in my opinion


Hi Kevin, previously I mentioned 'them' as a pronoun that not refers to 'clothes' but to persons only. That was definitely wrong. Some hours have passed, but I have now deleted that uncorrect information. I apologize to you for this little inconvenience in meantime already fixed. Learning a language (in my case English) is as rising up and having some falling down too, due to confusion or distractions... I wish you a beautiful Sunday, Lu


Thanks Lu for your help! No worries - no inconvenience! Best of luck with learning English. Are you a native Dutch speaker?


Thank to you "rootale" for replying so kindly! Yes I am native Flemish, which means I grewn up in the Dutch culture. Always available for Dutch linguistic suggestions (but I like being correct too, of course). Best wishes, Lu


i input "I do not bike there" and was marked wrong. :(


you're missing the in


Where the wearing in the subject ????


It's not present in the Dutch sentence, but it's required for an idiomatic translation of the most likely meaning of the Dutch sentence. A literal word-by-word translation is "Therein cycle I not", and a still overly literal but freer translation is "I don't cycle in that". In Dutch (and German), therein / in that is often used idiomatically to describe what you are wearing.


could it be "ik fiets niet daarin"?


Regen, sneeuw, modder. Daar fiets ik niet in.

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