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[BUG report] Changing the URL makes it possible to access locked down lessons

On an account which has the "Clothing"(example) lessons locked I am able to acces it anyway. The only thing I have to do is:

  1. Take a link to another lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/it/Basics-1/2

  2. Replace "Basics-1" with "Clothing"(or any name) and change the lesson number if wanted.

I haven't tested what happens if you succesfully complete a lesson you accessed this way.


August 21, 2014



French Spiritual skill, Lesson 1, first sentence I encountered:


Do you think users will take your advice to access a lesson in a locked skill and cheat their way out of the tree (with Google Translate of course) just to get a Golden Owl (I have read the comments below, finishing a skill using the method you have provided above tests you out of previous, unfinished skills)? I'm not sure how the tree algorithm knows you legitimately finished (or successfully tested out of) a skill. It seems probable to me they'd do that though...

On another, slightly unrelated note: I have the Spanish for French course, and completing some Spanish lessons and skills on the Spanish-English course, has tested me out of some skills (the trees are virtually the same at the beginning).


It is a bug, we shouldn't ask ourselves if people will exploit it because they will. It needs to be fixed. I hope they fix it.


I consider it a feature. Assume I want to test out of some skill, but first I want to review the words in lesson 4. So I switch to lesson 4 using this feature, learn the words there and then test out of the skill. Without it, I'd have to suffer through lessons 1,2,3 to get there.


I finished a lesson(the last of the "Numbers" skill for Dutch). It said "You learned Numbers", but when I checked my tree it was still grayed out. I gained XP and lingots for it, though.
Edit: I refreshed the page and now all skills up to "Numbers" are unlocked.


Very nice, thanks for testing it.


You're welcome! Here's a picture: http://i.imgur.com/dSIvS6M.png


It doesn't matter if you do it, cuz the tree will reset into the original number of lessons. It only adds to your xp

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