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  5. "Die Hunde trinken Wasser."

"Die Hunde trinken Wasser."

Translation:The dogs drink water.

May 22, 2013



When the voice reads the sentence, it sounds like "Die Hunde trink Wasser." I just wanted to point out that my ears couldn't pick up on the "-en" part of "trinken". I guess I should expect that kind of pronunciation from native speakers, huh?


Sounds like "trinkt" instead of Trinken..


It doesn't. Follow the link I posted earlier.


If you were responding to the question 'What do your dogs drink?' you'd say 'Die Hunde trinken Wasser'.

If you were responding to the question 'What are your dogs drinking right now?' you'd say 'Die Hunde trinken Wasser' too?

Just want to make sure they're interchangeable.


There is no "are *-ing" in the language. "What are your dogs drinking right now?" does not exist in German as it is progressive tense (German has no progressive present tense). It can only be phrased as "What do your dogs drink right now?" Hope that helps some.


But the translation of 'Ich trinke Wasser' or whatever is much more likely to be 'I am drinking water' than 'I drink water'. You shouldn't treat crosslanguage grammatical structures identically.


I agree, there is no present continuous, so I drink and I'm drinking are both translated as Ich trinke; to stress the fact that an action is happening now, thus giving it a kind of continuous flavor, you can add the word gerade (now, in this very moment), e.g. Er trinkt gerade Wasser = He is drinking water now.


Thank you this was really helpful :)


used "The hounds drink water" for funs :P yep i lost a heart, but thats how i remember Hund as Dog; coz its similar to Hound


Yea I did this as well, I'm curious if there's a reason hounds specifically isn't accepted. According to google translate it looks like hounds does translate to Hunde, though Jagdhunde (literally hunting dogs) also translates to hounds. So could someone clarify for me please?


Yes, it's Jagdhunde.

the dog = der Hund the dogs = die Hunde

the hound = der Jagdhund the hounds = die Jagdhunde


Hounds actually aren't just dogs, they were dogs used for hunting. Even the word being similar, in diffent cultures might indicate a slight different context


I wrote: "The dogs drink the water" and it marked it wrong, AND said the correct version was "The dogs drink some water" which seems much more flawed! What's going on here? Thanks!


Do Germans pronounce this with a soft k in day to day speech, or is it normal to fully pronounce the k?


Normal to fully pronounce, although there may be different regional dialects.


There are always reigional.dialects; Germany is a big place woth a lit of speakers.


"Die hunde trinken wasser". Maybe I'm wrong but why does it tell me "drinking" is wrong and corrects it with "having"


It should not be translating it to having, if it is, I can only think that there's a bug within the sentence. I believe if it's suppose to be having It'd be "Die Hunde haben Wasser". So that should probably be reported.


Torqus must have made a mistake. Maybe they forgot to type "it" or maybe it was just a typo. Sometimes the system gets confused and doesn't know what to correct and you may end up seeing an alternative translation. "The dogs are having water" essentially means the same as "The dogs are drinking water". "Die Hunde haben Wasser", on the other hand, only refers to possession. It does not mean that they're drinking or about to drink water.


Is it Der Hund for singular and it changes to "Die" Hunde for plural? Does this apply all the time? Der = Die


Yes. Die is the article used with plurals.

Der Hund --- die Hunde

Das Haus --- die Häuser

Die Katze --- die Katzen


Katze-Katzen Hund-Hunde So how to make a noun plural in German?? In English we just add (s) with some exceptions


Unfortunately, one just needs to learn them by heart, though there are some rules. Feminine words that end with -keit, -schaft, -ung or -tion, for instance, all end with -en in plural.


Hunde is third person(Es category). Then why it is not "Die Hunde trinkt Wasser" ? = The dogs are drinking water.


Die Hunde is plural. So "Die Hunde trinkt Wasser" is an incorrect conjugation for trinken. In English that would be "The dogs drinks water"...


How would you say "The dogs drank water"? I haven't learn to distinguish this one yet it seems.


I gave the right answer it still gave me wrong

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