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  5. "Het is voor jou."

"Het is voor jou."

Translation:It is for you.

August 22, 2014



I still get mixed up with the use of "jouw" and "jou" can anyone help? I used jouw original here but it was wrong.


Same here. I think it is because Jouw is used for ownership? Like "Dat is jouw thee".


Could this also mean: "it is in front of you"? If not, why not?


No, because in Dutch we normally don't use zijn (to be) for positions/locations of things. It is in front of you would be Het staat voor jou. It depends a bit what it is and the position it's in, I think staat is the most common (most things tend to stand), it could also be ligt (lies) or zit (sits) or some less common ones like hangt (hangs). Take care in Dutch zit is used a lot less than English sits, usually only for people/animals/dolls etc. that are in a sitting position, for other types of English sitting normally staan or liggen will be used.


"This is for you" is wrong?

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