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Lost my Streak in Italian (Duolingo Error?)

Yesterday I was doing strengthen skills and the owl told me I was on track just like usual. Next thing I know, I check my streak and it got reset to 1 day. I checked my activity log and I definitely did not miss any days. The lowest amount of xp gained was 34 for one of the days. My overall streak of 35 is still good, but my streak for Italian is the one that got reset. It was around 24-26.

August 22, 2014



I think no one has commented you yet because they don't know how you lost your streak. but here take a few lingots to get you started on a new streak :)


Did you earn any XPs in Italian during that period? To maintain your streak in each language you have to earn at least 1 XP in each language every 24 hour period.

I wouldn't worry too much because it is only your overall streak that is important. Individual streaks are only for your own reference (unless someone knows better).


I definitely earned over 30xp everyday. Oh well.

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