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Timer goes to some huge number if you are using DL at midnight

I think it is programed to remember the time you would end, but not the date. This is a problem and should be fixed

August 22, 2014



I've had no problems when crossing over midnight. In fact, I often use Duo from 11 pm - 1 am so I get 2 days added to my streak with 1 study session.


I had never had this problem before, but the timer went out to many places, and midnight is the only possible explanation i could think of. Maybe it was just chance and they happened to be changing the site at that time... I have no clue


It is a glitch that has been reported many times; nothing to do with midnight. It happens to me when I use an iPad, usually when I get an answer wrong.


you can use timed practice on iOS?


Yes you can, and I get the bug on iPad too.

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