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  5. "Loro leggono i giornali."

"Loro leggono i giornali."

Translation:They read the newspapers.

August 22, 2014



Singular form (the paper) would be "il giornale".


Thanks, this is what I came to ask. I'd give a lingot but it looks like you probably don't come on this site anymore.


So what determines giornale to be plural or singular?


nouns ending in "e" can be either masculine/feminine singular or feminine plural (they must be learned by heart)
- (masc. sing.) il giornalE = the newspaper
- (fem. sing.) la navE = the ship
- (fem. pl.) le caramellE = the candies


gionale is singular. The i makes it plural . But more than one person is loro. One can also assume they read a newspaper. As in a class setting.


giornalE - singular; giornalI - plural (-e vs. -i)


You missed elpowett's point. He/she was pointing out that since the ending '-e' could be either the plural of '-a' or singular.. for someone who encounters this term for the first time, how would they know whether this word is in plural or singular? My answer would be - check the article it's used with, check the verb conjugation or when everything else fails - check in a dictionary.

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Could this also read "You read the newspapers," where the "you" is plural and formal (though I understand it may be uncommon)? It was marked wrong, and I reported it as such, but I am mainly looking for confirmation.

Thank you.


Voi leggete i giornali. Voi=you plural. Formal Voi plural when you speak to a person only is something my 45years old teacher would use with her mom, 25 years ago. I mean, nobody in Italy would expect to hear Voi Formal from a foreigner. Just learn Tu and Lei forms


Why can't we say "they read the magazines"?


A "giornale" is not a magazine


How do you say magazine?


Why is "leggono" not pronounced with a soft g (g dolce, i.e the g in giraffe)?


because it's not followed by "i" or "e".


No word options appear on my device and multiple choices are stacked behind each other and I am unable to separate and view options Help


Aren't "Loro leggono i giornali," and "Loro leggono i giornale" both correct? How am I to know if Duolingo wants "They read the newspapers" or "They read the newspaper"?


Aren't "Loro leggono i giornali," and "Loro leggono i giornale" both correct?


Singular is il giornale, plural is i giornali.

The plural article i only goes with the plural giornali.

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