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Sound wont stay off

I use Duolingo at work, so need to disable the sound sometimes. However the sound wont stay off. I have set the speakers, microphone and voice autoplay to off in settings. This works for a while, but as soon as I reopen my browser the sound plays again

I'm using chrome on a Dell Latitude Laptop. Please help

May 22, 2013



Hi! Can you check your settings to make sure that you are saving what you've selected. Looks like you have your sound set to on?


Hi there

Goodness, I forget how fast you guys reply! Yes, I'm definitely saving. I switch back and forth a lot which is why I didnt raise the issue before. I have reset everything to off for now so you can check in. Am definitely getting sound when in off mode.

Thanks again


I have narrowed it down further: the sound plays when I pick between the 3 pictures when learning a new word, even if the sound is turned off.

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