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Timed practice timeout problem

Hi everyone. I'm using "Timing practice" to strength all the learned lessons. Since, usually, I reach the timeout thinking about a "hard" question, it wuold be good to know the answer of this question before leaving, but the (not so) new version of the timed practice will automatically exit as soon as the timeout is reached. Also, a timeout stop after every question, befor selecting "continue", could be nice (to check the answer better, read comments, ...). What you think about it? Thanks to all Duolingo developers!!!

May 22, 2013

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I agree! I feel that without seeing the answer I timed out on, I am not learning the way I should. I also could use an option for a longer timer, maybe 45 seconds or even a minute, so that I could think slightly more and guess less, it would really help me to improve, I think.

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