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  5. "Zij draagt roze kleren."

"Zij draagt roze kleren."

Translation:She wears pink clothes.

August 22, 2014



No Duo! Do not even Mention Umbridge around me!!


is roze always pink for colour I used rose which is can also be a colour in English but it was marked as wrong. Could it not be 'She wears rose clothes'


I wrote the same, but I have to be honest. Further than knowing if rose serves as a color in English I was thinking (native here) in Spanish ;-)


you really have to say/write: roze. The pronunciation here is not right. You have to say de 'o' like in f.e. 'lost'


Can someone tell me why it was wrong to spell this as "Ze draagt roze kleren"? Ze v Zij?

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