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New immersion view now available to all

Last week, we mentioned we'd be testing some updates to the immersion view (http://duolingo.com/#/comment/400056). We found that the new immersion view performed well—people liked it! That's why, this week, we've released these updates to all Duolingo members. To try your hand at translating just click on 'immersion', and go from there. Enjoy!

May 22, 2013



I don't really like that I can't reply to a comment without editing the translation. This is not conducive to a constructive discussion.


I agree - adding comments to a translation is very helpful, but sometimes further discussion is necessary. An expansion of the comment function would be much appreciated.


I think the addition of comments for translations if very helpful so that if an edit is made you can see where you went wrong and learn for the future. Some of the edits I have found to not be so helpful. Where someone will capitalize the beginning of every word in the translation of a title for example. But I think the quality of the tool is going to be based more around the users and how willing they are to assist each other and produce the most accurate translation and learning experience than the functionality of the tool itself; which from the previous edition is vastly better.


thank you thank you thank you!!!! I used to have this and then I didn't (long story) and I missed it soo bad! Thank you for your hard work!


Hmm, I must have been one of the testers... :D Glad to know this is public now!


A welcome change indeed! The previous version was so awful that I just stopped using Immersion. Now I'm coming back.


I prefer this new version. Thanks for that. However as christian and Amerath mentioned comments could be included in the next upgrade?


I don't know how to proceed. The previous system worked paragraph by paragraph and allowed edits or approval. I don't know how to do my own translation or edit one already done...

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