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What language next?

I want to do Dutch or Latin. What do you guys want?

May 22, 2013

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South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and any other Asian languages!


south korean is same as north korean, i think...



Latin is my most wanted wish. I'd also like to see Finnish or Norwegian here aswell. They are already working on Russian so I got that going for me, which is nice.


I am defiantly for Dutch haha, although I still feel that Russian and Chinese should come soon because of the large amount of content on the web in those languages and due to the number of people speaking them.. (plus a lot of people seem to want to learn Russian)

EDIT: I speak dutch, just that I want it so I can let my friends learn it (and to keep mine up) xD


They should definately do Russian, Chinese and Arabic. Then we'll have all the UN official languages. :-)


I want Dutch too, but I heard DuoLingo is only going to add new languages via user generated content, which is in early stages of development.


you can't just say "Chinese" There is many variations.

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