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What language next?

I want to do Dutch or Latin. What do you guys want?

May 22, 2013

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South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and any other Asian languages!


south korean is same as north korean, i think...


Yes the language is called Korean!!!!!


It is little bit different form North Korean. writing and reading are same as south's well... there are some different words like difference between British and American



Latin is my most wanted wish. I'd also like to see Finnish or Norwegian here aswell. They are already working on Russian so I got that going for me, which is nice.


I am defiantly for Dutch haha, although I still feel that Russian and Chinese should come soon because of the large amount of content on the web in those languages and due to the number of people speaking them.. (plus a lot of people seem to want to learn Russian)

EDIT: I speak dutch, just that I want it so I can let my friends learn it (and to keep mine up) xD


They should definately do Russian, Chinese and Arabic. Then we'll have all the UN official languages. :-)


I want Dutch too, but I heard DuoLingo is only going to add new languages via user generated content, which is in early stages of development.


you can't just say "Chinese" There is many variations.


Sorry, I assumed that Standard Chinese (a.k.a. Putonghua, Mandarin) would be the obvious choice and wouldn't need any explanation, seeing as the other dialects such as Cantonese, Tae Chiew or Hokkien are highly localised.

The use of Chinese dialect is already a rarity among the younger generations of Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia, despite preservation efforts.

I am sure that those involved in the incubation of Chinese at Duolingo are well aware that Putonghua is the only official language of PCR, Taiwan and is one of the official languages of Singapore.

Apart from Cantonese, what other dialect of Chinese has any claim to being a language of government, media and trade?


I would like to learn Japanese, but I think it would be pretty difficult bringing kanji on Duolingo


The big problem is that Duo really isn't geared towards learning Japanese. I've given this a try (and sometimes still go back to it) and the trouble is basically this:

1) Learning kanji without being able to use them in sentences is nigh impossible. It kills motivation and doesn't work very well with one's natural language acquisition.

2) Learning Japanese without kanji means you cannot read anything the Japanese write, except for the simplest of children's books. And that in turn makes learning Japanese really hard.

3) Kanji for basic words often contain parts of other kanji that you have to learn first in order to understand why the kanji means what it does or sounds like it does.

So Duo would need a comprehensive software update that would make it possible to let you learn the kanji (which would be in a custom order) with tips on how they're built up. The lesson must then contain sentences with their use, but inevitably even the simplest sentences with your new kanji would normally also contain other kanji you don't know yet. So somehow we must make it clear that those words are written in kana for the time being, but only because you don't know the kanji yet. And as you learn the new kanji, Duo would have to then proceed and show them where it didn't show them before. Even this picture is speculative – who knows how many problems this model would turn out to have?

In other words, to adapt learning Japanese to Duo, Duo would need a huge and complicated software change, which would only benefit Japanese and none of Duo's other languages. I somehow don't see that happening.


I think it would be useful for other character based languages such as Chinese as well...I think somehow duoLingo needs to create a second incubator option for non-latin based scripts....a looser incubator that's more flexible for teaching the alphabet (of alphabet based langagues) or characters (for character based languages) or both (for languages like Japanese)...that way we could have langauges like Chinese, Japanese, Navajo, etc...


Again, to teach this effectively Duo would need a big software overhaul. For Chinese, it would probably need extra support as well as it is very different from the Japanese ‘system’, but it would probably be both very different from the hypothetical support for Japanese and very different from Duo as is.

You aren't going to be able to teach these languages effectively with Duo's current software. ‘Looser incubator’ is just words, it doesn't mean anything. And given that many languages which Duo's software could teach are either not worked on at all, or not nearly close to done, I think Duo's priorities should lie with improving and adding courses which it can support. Not to mention fixing the bugs in its current software.


Russian! It would also be helpful to be able to practice my Japanese.


Ceard faoi an Ghaeilge? Irish is never on these kinds of sites... I'm sure more people would learn it if it was (and I need help with the tuiseal ginideach :P) Japanese would be nice too...


Tá go leor Gaeilge ar Memrise, check it out. Yeah agree, I want Irish here too.


Same here, an-mhaith!


I would like to have Chinese next. Why you might ask? So Chinese speakers can learn English and English speakers can learn Chinese. This would be a great help to the world.


Definitely English to Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic!


Really looking forward to being able to learn Chinese on here after Spanish :)


Mandarin Chinese please!

[deactivated user]

    Mandarin Chinese is a must. Literally every rational person would come to Duolingo. It would attract SOOO many people, Duolingo could make the news (if it hasn't already). After that probubly the next big one would be Arabic.


    +1 for Chinese Mandarin!


    Latin and Chinese!


    Latin and Simplified Mandarin Chinese Please!!!!! But especially the Latin!!!


    Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, but Latin would be really great because it links all the romantic languages together. Latin is also Extensively used in scientific and medic fields, it has had a huge impact on the world.




    Latin, Arabic and Mandarin!


    They are working on allowing users to add languages.


    How soon, though??


    "They're going to be adding support for user-maintained languages by the end of the year, so Mandarin is pretty much a given." http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fa3nu/iama_scientist_and_entrepreneur_named_luis_von/

    So... by the end of the year.


    Latin has had a huge impact on the world it is the bases for all the romantic languages, and has effected many Germanic ones too. it is also huge in scientific and medical fields. extremely useful for someone who wants to use it as a bridge to just about any European language.


    Latin seems like a popular language to learn for the heck of it, and there's no writing system difficulties. I wonder why it's not in incubation yet...


    Yeah! I've been studying Latin in school, but only so that i can translate stuff from Latin and that way it is soooo useless! I'd be great to be able to learn Latin like a real language (so that you could also speak, technically) because this way it is just far quicker and more efficient


    Without question, Mandarin Chinese. Then after that? Maybe Arabic.

    If we're talking about a language I would like to see kept alive, and has a rich history, and an abused people with their own culture for the preservation of that culture, history and language? (but admittedly, not a lot of speakers that would be a challenge to put together?)

    Tsalagi ...


    There will be no "after that". Chinese is so dificult that you will learn it forever :)


    Every language is difficult. Chinese spoken language is very very easy to learn! Only hieroglyphs make this language difficult. And one more, you will learn every language forever))


    Понимание речи на китайском тоже отнюдь не из простых. Да и как без иероглифики? Я тебе говорю, китайский это чёрная дыра, которым чтоб хорошо владеть - надо им реально только одним жить хотя бы года 3 без перерывов)


    Так можно и о русском сказать: русский - это чёрная дыра, шесть падежей, совершенный и несовершенный вид глаголов, спряжение, склонение, род, страдательные, действительные причастия, их образование - этот список очень длинный. Да так вообще о любом языке можно сказать. Если китайский нужен для работы (а его популярность в экономике всё растет и растет), то можно и за 2-3 года нормального обучения выйти на приличный уровень. Вы в интернете посмотрите. Если китайцы "выучивают" китайский, то почему нам этот язык по вашем словам недоступен? Вы сами пытались его учить (не один день, а хотя бы месяц)? Трудность многих людей привлекает, а не отторгает. Если по жизни боятся трудностей, то так и только с английским языком можно остаться, который не является панацеей в общении по миру ;)


    Я учил китайский несколько лет и сдал успешно HSK на 4 уровень. Я не говорю, что китайский невозможно выучить или он прям гиперсложный. Я говорю о том, что чтобы им владеть в совершенстве - надо хорошо в него вложиться временем и потом постоянно, каждый день использовать. При этом сфера применения китайского языка многократно уже английского.

    Все международные дела ведутся во всём мире на английском, в том числе в самом Китае. Сегодня Китай самая большая англоговорящая страна в мире и это в будущем будет только усиливаться.

    Ну а какая ещё сфера его применения? Торговля с Китаем, перевод документации, помощь в переговорах китайцам и с китайцами. Учитывая, что образованные китайцы знают английский, китайский не такое уж ультра преимущество.

    Моя мысль в том, что из прагматических целей китайский целесообразно учить только в том случае, если собираешься жить или работать долго в Китае. В остальном, это просто если он очень нравится. Собственно, со всеми языками аналогично, кроме английского.

    Кстати, да. Русский - объективно тоже подобного рода чёрная дыра)) Хотя и не настолько, как китайский. Слава богу, что у меня русский родной.


    Ничего себе, какой у вас опыт О_о
    Ну вообще вы правы, конечно. с вами нельзя не согласиться) Единственное, США теряет позиции и возможно через лет 10-20 английский потеряет свои позиции как потерял в своё время французский и немецкий.


    Экономика США растёт в среднем по 2.5%, их 2.5% в абсолютном выражении - это как китайские 7.5%. Сейчас Китай растёт немногим больше 6% с тенденцией к снижению.


    А зачем абсолютнон выражение? Так рост экономики не сравнивается. Вопрос сам напрашивается: почему тогда рост экономики выражается в процентах, а не в числовом значении? Потому что это самый оптимальный показатель.
    Т. е. вы утверждаете что США останется ведущей державой в ближайшем будущем?


    В %-х ВВП измеряется, потому что так наглядно видно, насколько экономика превзошла саму себя прошлогоднюю. Абсолютное выражение тоже очень важно. Потому что если экономика уже очень развитая, то её рост на 2,5% как в случае США - это очень хороший показатель.

    Единственный сценарий, что США радикально потеряют в мировом влиянии - это рассово-этнический кризис в штатах ближе к 30 году, который приведёт к потрясениям и возможно радикальному сокращению территории США или даже полному распаду по границам штатов. Но если они смогут преодолеть расовые противоречия, то экономически они будут всегда только сильнее чем сейчас.


    Chinese (Mandarin) and Latin.


    Latin, Welsh, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Mandarin


    Latin. I'm trying to get it on the Incubator.


    Latin, Greek and Mandarin!!


    Latin would be great!


    Latin. Hands down.


    I really want to do Latin. The only other good website i've found for that is Memrise, but its still nowhere near as advanced as Duolingo courses - no audio or anything, so it's almost impossible to learn pronunciations.


    I really want Latin to be the next language!!!


    Latin! I would love to help build that program.



    Seems strange to me that it's not already available in fact.


    i would love to do some latin.


    I'd love to learn Latin! As well as other ancient languages, like Greek, Hyroglyphs, Sumerian, Akkadian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Demotic, Hittite ... :)


    Latin! I am patiently waiting for the day when they finally add it... I'm sure they will. It's the base of all other Latin-based languages such as Spanish and French and would be really useful to learn! A lot of English words come from Latin words and roots as well.


    Chinese. Chinese! CHINESE! please?


    Chinese (Standard Mandarin) and Hebrew are much sought after :)


    Definitely mandarin chinese! GO CHINA!


    Hi, I am native in Chinese...If you have any troubles learning the language, feel free to ask me lol. Duolingos help each other


    我喜欢汉语。 要巩固我基础的知识。

    I like chinese. Need to consolidate my basic knowledge.


    I'm studying Latin in school. So it would be cool to see Latin put on the list so I could use it as practice. But Mandarin would be cool since I'm also studying it.




    Mandarin of course


    I deeply love languages, and I'm currently using Duolingo both to brush up on all (well, most of) the languages I learned in college, learn another one (or two or three), and to teach my 3-year-old son to speak and read a second language. There are two languages that I learned that are not here yet: Latin and Greek. I love the game-like format of the program, and it's making my son very excited about learning a language. I would have preferred to teach him Latin before anything else, since it's still used by the Catholic Church and is also a source language for so many others, but since Duolingo doesn't have it yet, I was forced to teach him Spanish first. I vote that you guys develop a Latin program so that, perhaps by the time my daughter is 2 or 3 (she's 9 months old now), I can start teaching them both Latin. I'm very excited to see that you're working on Hebrew (and Klingon--my son saw it when I was letting him pick out of my list of finalists yesterday, and he's asked me multiple times today if it's ready yet.) already, though.

    In summary, I want Latin and Greek! (Especially Latin!)


    P.S. Since you're doing Star Trek languages, I would actually prefer Vulcan to Klingon and I know lots of people love Romulan too...


    DEFINITELY LATIN Japanese would be nice too


    I would love to have Russian on Duolingo for my boyfriend to study my mother tongue, Dutch would be awesome too!!


    Hindi! Everyone is forgetting India! What about the economic and cultural giant of South Asia? Don't forget Bollywood!


    or Hinglish as many speak including Bollywood :)


    I would like Russian because I know some Russian people and will probably go there someday. :)


    chinese (not simplified) should be next


    Traditional is rarely used. We should focus on simplified first. It would be more useful for everyone.


    Arabic and MAndarin!!


    MANDARIN OR SWEDISH OR INDONESIAN but mandarin the most as I can speak the basics


    Traditional Chinese! Please! A difficult language to learn - why we need Duolingo most!


    Chinese Mandarin!


    I would like to see a Latin course added.


    mandarin chinese


    Mandarin Chinese or russian


    Definitely Latin, that would be awsome


    Chinese and Russian would be nice.


    Definitely Latin!

    Surely there are some companies that would pay to have Latin texts translated and thus make it worthwhile using Duolingo's model?


    Latin will be hard because there are precious few fluent speakers. Evan der Millner is probably the only one I'm aware of. If he could be recruited however the tree would be ready in a matter of months.


    I think this is a classic case of ‘don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good’. We may not be able to get a time machine and let Cicero work on Duolingo, but Latin is still taught in schools and on the one hand that means we should be able to do a reasonable job, and on the other hand Duo would make learning Latin in school much more fun (and productive).


    Maybe I ll try to learn Russian,to prepare for the WorldCup 2018 :)


    Mandarin, waiting so long already!


    They seem to be working on English for Mandarin speakers, and looks to be released in beta already, but I'm not sure how complicated it is to reverse the content from the course to create and release Mandarin for English speakers, or add a tutorial to Chinese characters, etc... and also to bridge Mandarin to other languages (similar to the Russian for English speakers they are working on now)


    Yeah, my native language is Russian. And I would say current duo's Russian-English course is a piece of crap)) I can't even imagine what kind of bugs there will be in English-Chinese tree.


    They'll be making things hard for themselves if they try to start off with Chinese characters. It will be much easier to use Pinyin. Then people can learn spoken Mandarin more easily.


    So many are eager to learn Mandarin, so what do duolingo folks have to say? We need Mandarin! Asap!


    I really want to learn Chinese


    mandarin chinese.


    Chinese would be excellent. My wife is Chinese and I'd love to learn more and be able to have a conversation with my in laws, but my other attempts to learn Chinese have produced only marginal results.


    Chinese (simplified)


    Chinese! And if Japanese came on-board, I can contribute. :-)


    Mandarin or Latin definitely.


    Japanese or Latin should be the best options!


    How about Mandarin Chinese? China is a growing world market leader and, the Chinese are spread all over the world. We have a relatively large Chinese population in my country of residence and I would love to learn their language. Duolingo is a great site, so, please do come up with Chinese lessons.


    This chinese population speaks cantonese Chinese (not mandarin). So it's sad :)


    Mandarin, not Cantonese, is the most spoken dialect in Mainland China.


    Chinese diaspora in US and Canada mostly speaks Cantonese, not Mandarin :) Besides only 800 million people in China speaks Mandarin on minimum, good or excellent level.


    I stand corrected.


    Does duolingo even pay attention to these posts? It seems users want to learn Chinese.


    Arabic and Chinese are sorely needed at DuoLingo.


    You can find them at other sites, though. I'm really enjoying being part of the beta test for Ninchanese (Obviously, this doesn't help you with Arabic.). They send out new beta test invites every couple of weeks, so if you are interested in learning, you should sign up!


    Languages more commonly spoken then Swedish or Dutch or Turkish or Ukranian, like Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Korean and Japanese.


    Chinese, Japanese, Arabic


    Mandarin. Use Pinyin instead of Chinese characters. It will be much easier that way. Of course those of us who want to learn Chinese do want to know how to read the characters, but remember when we were younger we first learned how to speak before we could write. One can start learning Chinese characters when they can speak the lingo comfortably.


    I don't know if Duo is still expanding, but please, Latin would be such a help to me. Also, for those learning French, Spanish, or Italian for the first time, a little background in Latin can be a huge help. Thanks!!!


    No, Chinese, seriously??? Tell me its a joke!


    I'd like to add my "vote" for Latin and Japanese.


    Chinese. That language is going to become popular.


    I started learning Chinese on a different website, and then came to Duolingo for more. But when I found that they did not have Chinese, I was frustrated.


    Latin, Japanese and Afrikaans


    I would say Latin because I'm learning French and that's provincial Latin. The problem is that because Latin is considered a "dead" language the pronunciation is unknown for many parts.


    Latin is not quite dead, as roots and pronunciation are apparently fairly simple and it can be common for church clergy of certain denominations to know how to read/write/speak Latin. I'd definitely be interested in learning it as a course on here if it made it into the Incubator


    Latin would be great, and more so than most languages, users would benefit just from knowing a little. I don't know why anyone outside of the catholic church would need to be "fluent," but it would be great fun to know enough to read old texts and gain insight on loan-words.


    I'm actually using Duolingo to familiarize myself with languages I'll need for grad school (religious studies), such as German, so that I have an easier time with the language courses. Latin would be GREAT if you wanted to study anything to do with ancient Rome or even Medieval/Renaissance times because that was the "lingua franca" of Europe so to speak.


    Latin is NOT dead. I spent all of high school learning Latin and continue to read in latin privately. It underpins English and all romance languages and is EXTREMELY helpful in any area of science (Biology minor). More casual novels and other works are being translated into Latin (like my copy of "Hobbitus Ille"!), and it's easy to work it into your every day life. There are many groups, clubs, and societies that you can join to speak Latin with, so you won't be lonely :)


    You're right! Latin is a must for anybody who wants to speak well a Latin language e.g. Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and, sometimes, even German and other non-Latin languages. I wonder if Duo has plans for a Latin Course. I would be very interested in taking it.


    I would like to 1+ the Latin vote.

    I mean Klingon but not Latin? With as much of a Star Trek nut as I am I still don't see why Klingon but not Latin.


    I think regarding demographic and economic importance, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic are the most missing languages here

    [deactivated user]

      Chinese (simplified) would be cool, but there must be a good reason why it does not already exist or at least under construction.


      Please follow me if you want some help for Chinese. I am native.


      Are you considering contributing to a Chinese course? I'm sure that it would be appreciated many people :)


      Yes, I think I can try


      That would be better than learning from the fortune cookies when ordering Chinese food.


      Actually it could work, but it would have to be formatted in Pinyin.


      Or just use a pinyin keyboard setup for character input. Literacy is moderately important. 我喜欢拼音。


      So I've been studying Chinese in China and I think the earlier you learn the language WITH the characters, the better.


      When people start learning Chinese, they should first learn to speak it before they start learning to read and write it, because Chinese has a language that is very different from that of English. After all, people learn to speak their first language before they learn to read and write in it.


      I agree with you. If only there were some people on Duolingo who can speak Chinese and who want to make a course... I think a lot of people will be very grateful to those people.


      Still not in the incubator. It’s difficult for Duo to make a Chinese course because they'd have to teach people Chinese characters, pronunciations and symbols altogether, which is not compatible with its programming. Before Duo has Chinese, you should def give ChineseSkill App a go, probably the best “Duolingo” for Chinese.


      Hindi and Urdu would also be really nice to see.


      Korean would be amazing.


      Latin or Russian, please!


      If you do Dutch, you should also include other Germanic languages like Swedish and Norwegian and Danish. Having clusters of related languages makes it easier for users to learn multiple similar languages from the same site.


      YES i really want to learn swedish! But I think mandarin NEEDS to be added because its got 1.5bil speakers!!


      It's not about number of speakers. If you wanna live there, so yes. You need it. Chinese people learn English well. If we talk about business and so on with China, English is more than enough.


      I'm learn Latin from another source, but it would be fun if it were available here! I would also like to learn Dutch, Hebrew, or Arabic.


      What source? i'm interested in learning AND contributing to a Latin-English course.


      I too would be willing to contribute to a Latin-English course - the sooner, the better.


      Do! In the incubator!! :D


      I understood there was no Latin incubator... is there?


      Me too. I teach Latin.


      Yep, definitely Chinese and Arabic!!


      Mandarin Chinese would be great!


      I'm actually puzzled that Mandarin to English has developed to such a state and English to Mandarin has not begun development at all.


      I guess there are some input difficulties with Mandarin from English, especially in how do you teach the characters & teach people to input characters...


      You could just use pinyin. I don't know about Apple products ( I imagine they<re no different), but the new Windows has pretty much seamless pinyin to 普通话。 My Android devices also have Pinyin and simplified resources. Maybe this was an issue, but that issue is rapidly fading, and by the time the project was finished in three years it would be a complete non-issue, as all of the legacy devices wouldn't be capable of .running the latest versions of the app anyways.


      I agree, but then it's also teaching the duoLingo user how to add a new keyboard for inputting, though the drag and drop characters around to make sentences shouldn't be any more challenging than what they currently have. The difficulty in the back end programing is why duoLingo says they don't plan to have Chinese anytime soon...There was a post on another site (I think it's called Quota or something like that) where the co-creator said that they would do Chinese from English, but that it wouldn't be anytime soon. The reasons he stated were that it would require a lot of background work on their end that they weren't willing to do at this time and that the interest level wasn't there enough to invest the time needed (he said the interest in learning Chinese is 1/10th the interest of learning Spanish). I think that might be true for the general public, but I get the feeling most duoLingo junkies just love languages want to learn Chinese for the "cool factor"....I'm learning it because my husband is Chinese I need it to communicate with my MIL! Well, that and we live in Beijing....


      I, too, and learning Chinese. Thank you for this information. I think, on another level, that learning Chinese will require a lot more repetition in the learning process than the trees in this program provide. It just has no relationship to European languages at all, so I find that it is taking me easily four times as long to learn as it would, say, German or Italian. But I'm not entirely sure I buy the argument about interface. Like I said, they could just use pinyin, which is Romanic script and just as available on the keyboard as Spanish or French. I will buy the lack of interest argument, but I think that's really unfortunate as China and Chinese have so much to offer.


      So can't wait until a Chinese course is in the incubator!


      I like the suggestion of Latin as it would in no way least help users understand the etymology of many of their newly-learnt words


      I would like to help build a Latin - English course and I was hoping user-maintained languages would be available by now ... any news on when it will come in?


      I want Latin. It is really a foundation for many languages and can help people out when learning other languages.


      I would love to learn Latin. As others have said, even though it's a "dead" language, it's the foundation for so many other languages, it would be fascinating to study it.


      Maybe also Greek


      I am a Chinese, so I prefer to learn Arabic. I have followed some nice Arabic accounts at Instagram and I really want to know what they were talking about<sub>~</sub><sub>~</sub><sub>~</sub>


      Latin would be great! As it forms a base for the other Roman languages.


      Mandarin and Japanese


      Latin would be awesome. There are so few courses that offer it, but it is a vital language to understanding all romance languages and even germanic ones.


      I'm studying Latin at the moment, and its very interesting - it helps with learning another language........ such as Spanish...!! :) go for it!!


      I think they should do Latin to help the high school students who have no idea what they are doing in that class (me included) have more practice and/or get ahead


      I already can read basic Latin, but my school doesn't continue with Latin 2 so I'm stuck! I really love the language and would really appreciate a place where I can learn for free.


      LATIN!!! (please)


      Chinese and Japanese, please!


      LATIN!! It is the best sounding and most historically important language in the Western World (other than maybe classical Greek). People would be able to understand European languages faster and would help even English speakers with their grammar. And how awesome would it be to speak and have conversations like the Romans did? You'll finally be able to read the works of Cicero, Virgil, and even the Golden Ass from Apuleius as they were meant to be read..IN LATIN. With nothing lost in translation or misinterpreted. Also Latin would help anyone who is in the science field because most naming is done in Latin. Maybe one day Latin will be there to bridge the gap between language and cultural barriers as it was in the multicultural Roman Empire. Not just in the West but across the globe! Duo can make that happen!


      Why not Latin? Even if it's not spoken much now, it's still useful.


      Latin, Latin, Latin!


      Latin and Ancient Greek. It would make life much easier for a lot of upcoming academians. I also think Arabic would be great to know, at least a bit of it.


      THIS. So much this.


      It's an interesting strategy to do Yiddish before Chinese or Hindi.


      Latin! It's such an interesting language and it's used as a basis for so many other languages; so it makes other languages easier to learn! There are so many people who either want to learn it or do know it for it to be a 'dead' language. I would really like to see it on here but other than that Chinese and Russian would be amazing languages to learn too!


      Latin would be great


      I so want to do latin.




      Latin for sure.


      If Latin is included I would help with the Latin course since I've been studying Latin in school. So I would be able to help out.


      Latin please! I would really love for Duolingo, an interactive language learning site which i LOVE, to have Latin. I've been doing a little of most of the languages to try to figure out Latin routes but it would be much easier to learn Latin. straightforward


      latin!! veo que tienen klingon??? y latin no esta?? no tienen maestros de latin? puedo conseguir


      I studied latin formally for 4 years and adored it! It makes me sad that duolingo chose to implement Klingon before the language that underpins most western languages today... I even went to the page with all of the new languages to see if I could contribute, but it's not even being thought of, apparently!


      I sent an application to start a Latin course earlier today. Hopefully it'll be approved :)


      What? Have you sent a application for Latin course?!! You're amazing, get a lingot!
      Are you confident that there are some other Latin-speakers who can help you in course?


      Please, let us know how it went!


      A lingot for you!


      I agree with latin


      WE NEED LATIN! I want to learn latin because my school stopped teaching it and I wan't to learn it for the PSAT's and SAT's.


      I would definitely encourage you to at least memorize the roots of the words for the vocab section. Latin (along with being an avid reader) is probably the biggest reason I scored a perfect verbal score on the SAT. I HIGHLY encourage you to learn it wherever you can!!


      latin please !


      The languages I'd like to see are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Latin.
      If I could only pick one I'd pick Japanese.


      Latin would be really cool to learn


      Latin. If possible, it would be nice if there was an option to choose between the reconstructed Classical pronunciation and the Ecclesiastical pronunciation according to the Liber Usualis.


      If that were possible, I think Duo would let you choose between European an Brazilian when you start the Portuguese course. But it doesn't, so I don't think the Duo software supports that.


      Good point. Even though it would be nice to be able to choose between major dialects of any language, I think adding more languages is (and should be) a higher priority.


      I agree. Although maybe different groups of people are working on these things.

      Adding languages is mostly be done by contributors who're able to read and write the language. Software support for different pronunciations and the like is the purview of programmers. And the people who are adding the actual pronunciations for dialect X would not be able to add pronunciations for dialect Y and vice-versa.


      Chinese and Thai... Tones and more tones


      Chinese or Japanese.


      Chinese or Mandarin , which language is the most common spoken in the world ? And do you learn the simple signs or traditional ?


      Chinese would be amazing, I can talk to the other 98% of the students in my school then


      RE: ARABIC. I was disappointed to receive the duolingo email today (2015-12-9) that didn't show that there was an Arabic course in development. The reasons to offer it are obvious--it's widely spoken in many regions and it's important historically and in current events. I've been trying to pick up a few words and phrases to communicate with some Syrian refugees where I live, using the Living Language app published by Random House Digital. It's all right, but I think duolingo could do a better job, especially if they have modules that effectively teach the alphabet.


      Afrikaans. It's pretty easy language. The grammar is simple and it's a little similar to Dutch.


      When will be added chinese/thai? thank a lot


      Chinese please, for my kids!


      arabic and chinese, as well as other asian languages, have a major problem built in concerning the alphabet--the entire language would have to be on a click-on keyboard----personaly, i am armenian, and i would like to see that language on here if only the typing barrier could be somehow overcome. there are a lot more armenian speakers than one might think, too


      well for chinese you use PinYin which is a latin alpabet (like english and spanish) and it automaticly turns it to character!


      I would love to have Armenian on here


      Arabic. With the arab spring, it seems that the arab world will eventually be the next China, a place where there are new markets.


      With the arab spring there will be nothing but ruin and chaos.

      [deactivated user]

        Yep, that part of the world is totally screwed. Gonna take decades for it to recover, and that's once it calms down!


        Not all of the Middle of East is in ruins. And so what if it takes long for them to recover? The people there will still continue speaking Arabic. And perhaps if more people are able to understand Arabic then people will understand that Islamist are not as most people perceive them to be (violent, prejudiced, living in the past, etc) I don't speak Arabic, but I would love to, so that I can communicate with my fellow Africans and learns about their customs, traditions, poetry and history.

        [deactivated user]

          The world needs more people with your attitude.


          latin and russian maybe chinese one day :)


          Mandarin Chinese please!


          Maltese Maltese Maltese Maltese! Maltese a trillion times! It is AMAZING!!!


          By learning Maltese(!), it would make it much easier to learn Arabic and Italian, which are two of what some language-learners might call 'essentials'.


          Latin would also help with Italian


          Traditional Chinese (not simplified).


          I'm interested in Finnish too.

          • 1563

          Chinese and Latin for sure! I do like others' initiatives to make similar apps to fill the need for Chinese like HelloChinese and ChineseSkills, but I would still love to see them on duolingo :)


          Japanese, no doubt.


          Bahasa Indonesia! with similarity to Malaysian language, the total user are reaching 300 millions!


          Anglo-Saxon and Welsh.

          • 2384

          Latin would be great, but not commercially viable. Mandarin, however, despite difficulties, should be here already.


          it looks like you read warrior cats

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