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Duolingo refresh time

Hi. I don't know whether its just me, but ever since I signed up for Duolingo about a week and a half ago it's been slow in certain aspects.

For example, it always takes at least 2~3 minutes to load the home page, with almost no exceptions. Doesn't happen with other sites, and I have a pretty decent internet connection.

Another problem which I've encountered is when clicking on a certain skill, most of the time it will take about 4 to 5 minutes to enter and choose a lesson. In addition, when i'll click multiple times and on a random click it will automatically go on, and i'll start my lesson, it might go back to that skill page after a couple minutes as if my "original click" was still in order. This can be pretty frustrating as it happened multiple times... including when I was halfway through writing this discussion and it transferred me to the discussion page again.

I've also had some troubles with hovering over words. When I start a new skill and see a word im not familiar with, It won't show the translations when hovering over the word most of the time. Sometimes it does instantaneously, sometimes it does after I've waited 10 minutes and sometimes it won't at all. I can go to google translate and translate it manually but I also want to learn the conjugations, a feature which most translating sites don't offer. This basically forces me to put the lesson on pause and wait for the word to change its color to orange so I can see its translation.

Same thing happens with the listening comprehension questions - rarely does it announce the sentence instantly. This applies to both the regular and slow speed icons.

Am I the only one experiencing these difficulties?

August 22, 2014



Sounds like you may have performance issues with your computer or internet connection. Are other computers at your location showing the same issues?


Two more computers are connected to the same network my computer is connected to, but all of this happens even when they're not even turned on, so basically my computer is the sole user of my internet connection most of the time.


Have you tried clearing out your browsers cache? That and Cookies/history can often cause poor performance issues.

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