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"Mijn moeder is een korte vrouw."

Translation:My mother is a short woman.

August 22, 2014



'Kort' is less used than 'klein' when describing someone with a small stature.


My guess would be that "kort" means not tall but possibly large in other directions, while "klein" would mean small generally. But I could be quite wrong!


Not particularly... you could also be klein ánd fat or wide. For example: 'klein dikkertje'. Note that short is not directly translatable into 'kort' and little not into 'klein'.


In Dutch we say "Niettegenstaande mijn zusje klein is, is ze al acht jaar" Although my little sister is short,she is already eight years old. And for instance "In dat dorp zijn ze allemaal klein van gestalte" In that village they are all short of stature (They have a short stature/they are short). We say "Kleine kinderen en grote kinderen". Even in German one use "klein" and not "kurz": Mein Mutter ist eine kleine Frau, my mother is a short woman. Incredible that they haven't corrected yet.


Because it's not wrong, hence there is nothing to correct e.g.:

To refer to your klein van gestalte, kort van gestalte is also a very common expression and can even be found back in literature from the 18th and 19th century.


Ups, ik ben van zuidvlaanderen, dat is de reden! Wij zouden "kort" nooit gebruiken, maar "klein", zoals in het frans: il est assez petit/un petit enfant. Flanders and Dutchies are not the same thing. In he Netherlands the English influence is stronger. So I agree with you even if I don't like to translate it that way. So ok, thanks!


Why has kort got an e on here please?


Because "vrouw" is a de- word. Adjectives before de- words pretty much always get the "e". (Details: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221 )


mijn moeder is kort. hoe ken je dat?

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