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"Is the Netherlands being protected against the sea?"

Translation:Wordt Nederland beschermd tegen de zee?

August 22, 2014



Why are we seeing "wordt". Am I having a mind blank? - I thought you didn't add a t to stems ending in d??


You do, and even for natives this isn't always easy (because you can't hear the difference when speaking). I don't know if it helps for language learners, but at school young Dutch are taught to in their mind replace worden (or another verb with a stem ending in d) by some other verb, so they can 'hear' if a t should be added or not, e.g.

Wordt Nederland or Word Nederland? Then think: loopt Nederland (it's not loop Nederland) so a t needs to be added to the stem.

  • ik word
  • jij wordt (word jij)
  • jij/zij/het wordt
  • wij worden
  • jullie worden
  • zij worden

For verbs with a stem ending in t, no extra t is added, e.g. eten

  • ik eet
  • jij eet
  • hij/zij/het eet
  • wij eten
  • jullie eten
  • zij eten
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