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Translation Submit not working

For the past two days on several occasions I've translated sections of a translation piece only to be unable to submit my translation. Other sections of the same translation will let me submit. It's frustrating to work on a complicated translation only to not be able to submit it. Is this happening to other people?

August 25, 2012



yes, happened to me earlier today


Happening to me at times. I copy my translation so that when I close the exercise, reopen and have another go submitting I just paste my hard work back into place.


I have had it happen also. I submitted feedback once but did not receive an answer.


yes, this happens all the time for some days now. that, and if you edit your own translation it won't get saved unless you close and re-open the sentence. duolingo is so well-programmed otherwise that i have high hopes these bugs will be ironed out soon.

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