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List of Top-Rated Comments

Hey Duolingo-Team,

I think it would be great if I had some more simple overview of answers I've provided to help users better understand a sentence / concept. I know I can have a look at this in my Stream, but I would have to scroll pretty far down and click on all individual items which is too time-consuming.

Like a list of all comments I've made, how highly ranked (or not) they are, so I can feel great about making helpful suggestions (and thus make more suggestions in the future) or can revise something I wrote earlier if it has been voted down for not being helpful enough (so I can improve that comment). Additionally, there is quite often a follow-up question by somebody on my original answer, and since I do not want to scroll down and individually click on every item to see whether there has been some new comment, a better overview would really help. Khan Academy does this quite well with its "Discussion" tab.

Cheers from Switzerland!

May 22, 2013


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