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  5. Streak in German gone! Help!


Streak in German gone! Help!

Hello, I just lost my streak for no reason when I have done every single day since I've started.. I have no idea as to what may have happened, but now it says I'm in a 1 day streak. I even received my daily e-mail today telling me to get my 35th day streak today.

August 22, 2014



From what I can see your streak is 35 days, at least that's what it says for me.


That's strange, it says that I'm on a 1 day streak on the duolingo apps I have on both my iPad and iPhone and I got really worried... Thank you for pointing that out though!


You probably have the coach feature turned on in the app, which requires you to do a certain amount of XP per day to maintain the streak. Don't worry though, your 'real' (website) streak needs only 1XP per day.


I have the same problem with my Spanish streak in the apps. In the apps I have a 1 day streak while on the website it is 38 days. After doing a lesson, the app says that during all previous days I failed in reaching my goal, but I reached my goal every day (30 xp/day). Moreover, the app said today after doing a lesson and reaching more than 30 xps that I still need 4 xp, weird.

Any other people having the same problem with losing the streak in the apps?

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