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immersion direction switching

I can't seem to switch the translation direction in Immersion anymore? It has me stuck on English to Spanish

August 22, 2014



I have the same problem; I am stuck on English to French. It won't go the other way.


I'm finding the same thing with English to German.


I have the same problem! Before I could switch the direction by clicking on the flag but now there's nothing to click on... how do I do to switch?


The only way seems to be to click on the flag at the top by the picture, then change native language and course. Its annoying, but it saves your old language and you can change back.


I don't get it why they removed the option to switch the direction by simply clicking on the flag. For sure I won't change the native language all the time, so if the people working on here aren't able to handle it I'll just stop using this function and that's it. Besides, I believe I'm not the only one with this problem am I?


I sent the question to the support. Hopefully they have a better solution.

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