"I eat cheese."

Translation:Io mangio formaggio.

May 22, 2013

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Why not just "Io mangio formaggio"?


When do we use il and when don't we? Because it's very confusing whether it's required or not


In some exercises, the definite article is dropped, in others it stays. Is there a rule of thumb?


There are a few things to keep in mind. The use of articles varies quite a bit and there will be times where it will work in Italian but not work in English, or the other way around.

  • Vado in banca/I'm going to the bank
  • I ragazzi mangiano molto/Kids eat a lot

One rule that really stands out: the definite article in Italian can apply to general categories, but that is not true in English.


This is the best sentence in this whole lesson! Lol, I love cheese! Amo il formaggio! :D


Why does it sometimes accept Io mangio formaggio, and other times require the article even if the article is not written, given that io mangio formaggio ( I eat cheese) and io mangio il formaggio (i eat the cheese). This app needs to pick if it wants the chese when it just says cheese or if it wants cheese when it says cheese. Because we all know it accpets both or reverses this from time to time. Grrr


So it is ok to drop Io?


Yes, because the verb (mangio) implies that it is "I" who is eating the cheese.


Why isn't "Io mangio di formaggio" correct?


It would be "I eat of cheese"...it doesn't make sense in italian

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Formaggi instead of formaggio cost me a heart. Cheese singular/Cheese plural. Tell me how you are supposed to know that the plural does not work here?


Perhaps the plural for cheese will be introduced in a later lesson on my DL app. However, I do know that the world's best cheeses offer us a delightful range of tastes based on ingredients and cooking methods!


so i can lose the 'io' AND the 'il' and still be good? "mangio formaggio"


Are there any differences in meaning between the following two Italian sentences? Thanks.

Io mangio il formaggio.

Io mangio formaggio.


Jeg er osten


Why is this correct with and without a definite article whereas eg. 'l'uomo mangia gelato al cioccolato' is incorrect without one? Can anyone explain?

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