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"Ik heb een stukje kaas voor mijn verjaardag gekregen!"

Translation:I have received a piece of cheese for my birthday!

August 22, 2014



De beste verjaardag ooit!


Haha, The only thing more Dutch would be if chasing them with a clog clenched in your fist after you opened the 'gift' :P


Why was "I have got a small piece of cheese for my birthday" marked as wrong? :(


Liza hi! Duo doesn't accept " a small piece", because "piece of cheese" already suggests a little part/bit of it. Een "stukje" kaas in Dutch is sufficient to represent the idea of "some/a part", it's idiomatic and doesn't need "small". We aren't sure here if this "stukje kaas" is so particularly small indeed! Cheers.


Thank you for the explanation, Luciak!


You're welcome, Liza!


For clarity purposes I would make the sentence 'een stuk kaas' to avoid the abiguity.


"I have got a piece of cheese for my birthday!" should also be accepted, yes?


"Have gotten" is proper U.S. English, whereas "have got" is proper British English; both should be accepted, in my opinion (and yes, I have reported it).


Hi Thid. So,I will report it too as I have given the same translation 'I have got'. Thanks for your explanation! Luciak


'I have got' does not suggest that it was a present, you could have bought it yourself; but I don't know if the Dutch sentence could be intrepretated that way too.


The second "g" in gekregen sound somewhat like the german "ch" of e.g. "Mächte". Can someone confirm this has to be prononced this way ?


Hi Jio, perhaps the speaker esagerate a bit, but I suppose that the sound is that "ch" as you mentioned. It's always stronger in the Netherlands, than how I would pronounce it. That is because I am Flemish, and that type of sounds are pronounced softer in "Vlaanderen". Cheers! Lu.


Hahaha. This actually happend to me some years ago at Christmas. My sister gifted me a giant Babybel. She was convinced it was a candle... Because she read "kaars" on the label while it was actually written "kaas"


Is this a tradition in The Netherlands? I got curious.


Not bad for a birthday.


Nu heb ik zin om een lekkere stukje kaas te eten

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