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can't share my activites to facebook , why ?

August 22, 2014



I cannot share my progress on Facebook anymore. Why?


I can's share my progress on Facebook anymore either. Why is that? I do not want to post it on "linked in" which seems to be the new choice. I'd rather post to facebook. I have checked my profile settings and set it on automatically post to facebook but nothing has posted since I was at 23%. I am now at 34%. What's up?


If you want to report a problem, you need many more details.


There is a section in "Your Profile" , then under "Profile Settings", where you need to turn that on. Click the downward arrow beside your user name, at the top right of the screen to open "Your Profile".

Originally every acheivement was set to share to Facebook by asking permission, but mine was changed by the system at one point along the way, and those questions have disappeared.


i also cannot share on Facebook as usually before a few days


Det finns nu inget i Duolingo settings om eller för "Facebook sharing". Vad hände då?

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