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  5. "I need a bathroom."

"I need a bathroom."

Translation:Ik heb een badkamer nodig.

August 23, 2014



Ik heb een WC nodig. seems like an adequate answer.


WC and toilet have been added as accepted translations. In the future, please use the "Report a problem" button to alert us of missing translations or synonyms.


I am so confused by Duolingo's use of the word bathroom! I never know if they really mean bathroom or if they actually mean toilet! So am I saying (in Dutch, German, etc.) I need to wash or I need to perform a bodily function? I would hate to be in a foreign country with a very full bladder and be directed to a bathroom without a toilet! How would I say "This is not what I want! I desperately need the other thing!"


Duo is a little annoying with this, I agree. They should at least be consistent and not include phrases like, "Ik heb een badkamer nodig," and ask you to translate them into English. When does anyone every say that they "need" the room with the bath?

But for real-life situations, you can always ask for "a toilet" and be directed to the correct room. You'll rarely have to ask for the room with the shower, but if you do (as I did once when staying with a friend), you could simply ask, "Where is the shower?"

This isn't ideal if you're trying to learn vocabulary 100%, but it seems to me to be a lot more practical in real life situations.


You would only need a bath if you had fallen in a polluted river or similar! But you are right that this is a very rare occurrence and needing a toilet is much more common!

I agree that the focus should be more on survival than perfection every time. I very much doubt anyone is going to get to C1/C2 level using Duo! I still haven't got to A1 yet! I really wish Duo would say "Your sentence is understandable (by a native) but not correct." I make many mistakes that would not hinder communication and I have even been told by a French girl that minor mistakes made by foreigners (e.g. using "le" instead of "la") are cute! I'm sure most other cultures are pretty forgiving too.


Fierljeppen ongelukken zijn niet ongewoon


Ah, the tyranny of one country's version of English!


Do you actually say "Ik heb een badkamer nodig", when you have to go to the toilet? Is that what Dutch people say? Just as in English?

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