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  5. "Ik verzamel boeken."

"Ik verzamel boeken."

Translation:I collect books.

August 23, 2014



"Sammeln" (zam-el-n) 'to collect' in German. This has helped me a great deal since these are closely related languages. However, Dutch spelling is a real bear and Danish ... just shoot me.


What is the meaning of the "verza-" ? (verzamelen, verzaken, verzadigen etc..) I have searched the word through the internet. I am very confused.


Verza does not mean anything. You are trying to put too much value on the different components of the words/verbs.

If you had to separate them you would end up with ver by the way. In some cases the latter part would make sense, in others the meaning is completely different or the latter part does not mean anything depending what the word originates from.


Thanks for quick answer. It is very hard to learn dutch word by heart. I want to search for an easy way to memorize it. But your answer is very useful.

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