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"Het meisje eet een zoete appel."

Translation:The girl eats a sweet apple.

August 23, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Can you call a person 'zoete' as well?

    Hij is een zoete man.


    I think they do that in Belgium, but not so much in the Netherlands.

    Instead, Dutch uses the adjective lief. It is hard to translate precisely, a mixture of sweet, cute and kind.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you!

      Je bent een liefe man.


      Aww, shucks! But it would be "een lieve man".

      This change of consonants is explained here in section 3.


      Only for very little kids you would use that in the netherlands (and not used by everyone but it's not incorrect/dialect eventhough it might be regional). It's never used for an adult. (Because the adorable+ obedient just doesn't work after a certain age)

      It's would be used as a synonym for braaf. So welbehaved and quietly enjoying themselves.

      (Lief would be the translation for sweet)


      When is it appropriate to use 'zoete' over 'zoet'. Whats the rule?


      For all adjectives before nouns, the „-e" ending appear for plural nouns and definite singular nouns. The only time that you don't see this ending is in singular indefinite het-woorden.

      de zoete appel

      een zoete appel

      het zoete meisje

      een zoet meisje

      Here is a helpful resource.


      The girl is eating a sweet apple is not accepted?


      It should. If it happens again check for errors and report ( In case you missed a word (it happens I've done it..) Or typed sweat instead of sweet)

      Sometimes some correct answers aren't in the database yet. (Though you'd think the two tenses are the first thing you think of to put in. Sometimes there are a lot of different ways to say something so it's easy to miss one (or more), but the tenses should be a reflex, add one at its counterpart. And most definitely the counterpart of the standard correct answer shown at the top of the thread)

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