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Different words, similar or same sound.

In the tasks where you hear some spoken word and you have to type in German what was said, is there any easy way to distinguish between two different, but very similar phrases? The example of this which appears to come up most often is: 'Ihr Seht' as opposed to 'Er Seiht

April 22, 2012



They are easy to distinguish, as they sound differently. "Er" sounds something like "bear" without the "b" or "pear" without the "p".

And "Ihr" something like "dear" without the "d" or like "ear".

There are sound examples available when you go to http://www.leo.org/index_en.html. Go to German/English, type in e.g. "er" and on the following page you'll find a speaker symbol to the right. When you click on that one, a small window pops up and you find a short sound example there.

If you can't hear the difference with the normal voice in duolingo, does the slow version help then? I know that the normal voice in duolingo isn't very "accurate" sometimes, as syllables and or pauses are sometimes dropped. But the slow version normally removes the lack of clarity.


If you mean "Ihr seht" and "Er sieht", that should be easy to distinguish. And if you have problems understanding the speaker, as they have an "awkward" way of pronouncing things sometimes, you can always click on "slower".


^How is it that 'Er' and 'Ihr' are easy to distinguish?

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