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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

I think most of you have heard about certificates like FCE, DELE or DALF, etc. I am currently studying for DELF A2 in French.

I was wondering, if I finish all the skills of French in Duolingo, what level of CEFR will I reach? B2, maybe?


May 22, 2013



that would be great if it would fit into this system the cefr is without doubt the most important index for languages


I got B2-C1 level on a training TCF (Test de connaissance du français) after I finished Duolingo and Busuu French courses. But I also used Michel Thomas's courses, podcasts and books.

I'm on my way to the end of German tree, and I'm sure that I have no chance to get the same level at any test. Maybe B1. I'm not as enthusiastic with learning German as I was with French (and besides I still have French to practice).

Your level at the end of the tree depends on how much you immerse yourself into French by reading and translating, listening, communicating, etc. If you only do exercises and learn relevant grammar, you will likely get a fair level for grammar and reading, but your listening comprehension and writing skills may be worse. On the average, I'd say it will be B1-B2, but this is just my estimate.

You may also be interested in Duolingo effectiveness study: http://duolingo.com/#/effectiveness-study


I am taking German and Spanish classes as well as the online courses, and from the content of the books I have, Duolingo is mostly up to the end of A2:2. It misses some stuff but also includes some material that isn't covered till a later stage. (e.g. Duolingo gets going with the tenses quite early, and with the endings of adjectives, which is much further into an actual course; while duolingo has not really covered trennbare verbs at all.)Practicing speaking and writing are somewhat lacking from a site like Duolingo as well (by construction - its hard to have a conversation with a computer) which are going to be important at that sort of A2:2/B1 level.


A B2 level sounds like too wild expectations to me. Whereas as someone mentioned enthusiasm might drive you to inmerse you into the language as much as possible, dramatically speeding up your learning, the courses seem to address an A.2/(low)B.1 level. I find it more than enough to start "walking on your own".

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