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  5. "Ist das deine Wohnung?"

"Ist das deine Wohnung?"

Translation:Is that your apartment?

May 22, 2013


[deactivated user]

    I have always understood "Wohnung" to be residence, ie where you live, whether house, apartment, condominium, castle, or whatever.


    Remarkably, "is that your residence" was rejected as incorrect

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    That's certainly what I was taught in school. It's only on DL that I've heard of it being specifically an apartment.

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    On the other hand I just checked with my brother (who is fluent in German, and would check with his German wife if he weren't sure) and he said that while it can mean residence etc, the primary meaning is apartment/flat.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the further clarification. I learned German 45 years ago, so maybe it was a more general term then. Or maybe I just had it wrong all along! Thanks very much for the follow up!


      Lol reading this in 2017 and thinking wow, I'm so late, it would take another 23 years till i'm 45 and even if i learnt German today I still won't be able to say "I learnt it 45 years ago" then


      I learned German over 40 years ago too and I also had learned that Wohnung meant residence.

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks! It's reassuring to know that I didn't just hallucinate it!


        I do not understand :( I wrote "Is that your home?" and it was uncorrect. Why?


        An apartment does not have to be your home and they are not synonyms. "the home" = das Zuhause. Also, one can have many apartments but usually only regards one place as "home", which is why in German "Zuhause" has no plural.


        What's the difference between Zuhause and Zu Haus??


        I tried saying the sentence and it couldn't understand me


        I answered "is it your apartment" and it was incorrect as it has to be "is THIS/THAT your apartment". Could you please help me understand why there is a difference?


        That could be correct in american english as a continuation of a conversation where a specific apartment is being asked about. Such as if someone invites you into an apartment and you ask if it is theirs.


        "No, I just like to break-in other people's apartments"


        Why is it deine and not dein


        Because Wohnung is Femenine


        But don't possessive pronouns stay non-conjugated before nouns and adjectives in a nominative structure? I actually read that in a site that taught the German possessive pronouns to Hungarians and indeed most of the sentences in this task do the same AND a German native speaker I know also says he never conjugates the possessive pronoun before pronouns in this situation... ...yet another site that taught adjective conjugation also conjugated possessive pronouns before adjectives and some sentences here in Duolingo do that, too. I'm really confused on this, too, so far.


        I do not understand why if a particular word is given as an option for translation that the use of that word would be marked incorrect.

        In this case I was asked to type a translation and "room" was given as an option for Wohnung. If it won't be allowed then it shouldn't be shown as a possibility. In this situation could Wohnung be translated as room or not?


        I've put "Is it your apartment?" and it was marked as wrong. Why that?


        That would be 'Ist es' as opposed to "Ist das"


        Duo rejected "is that your house?" and offered "Is that your home " as one of the correct options. English is the only language I speak and House is very synonymous with home(although in some instances, distinction can be made between the two). Any one mind clarifying if there is an obvious distinction between house and home in German? or is it just Duo?


        I wrote the same and it said I was wrong, too. This is something they should review. I get that house (Haus) and home (Wohnung) have different connotations in certain contexts, but they are very frequently interchangeable in English (at least in the U.S., I don't know about the U.K., NZ, Australia, etc.).


        Wohnung is not "home".

        It's a flat/an apartment.

        "a home" is ein Zuhause.


        The micrphone does not work most of the time.


        Is it your "dwelling"?

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