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Problems on Internet Explorer

Hi there,

first of all, changing the browser is not an option. I don't always use my laptop, sometimes I use others computers. I mean like "call the IT guys to do anything" or "please don't install anything on my laptop" situations. So it would be nice to fix some things here and there.

  1. I have the newest version of IE and sometimes (I mean like most of the times) I can't click on "discuss sentence"

  2. And (what is worse) when I click on "Report a problem" I don't get the "thank you" message but duolingo just uncheck the check box with my problem. And it pretends than nothing happened!

  3. And pretty similar thing happens when I try to answer in the discussion - the text box just becomes empty and my post is... well, not posted.

4.And also when I start the lesson I can't start it with just clicking on "start" button. It is unclickable. I need to referesh the website and only then the button works.

PS. I love you Duolingo.

August 23, 2014

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Perhaps try deleting cookies? Cookies can cause alot of problems.

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