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Sentence trouble

So I've come across a problem during my studying involving some of the sentences. Specifically, those sentences that are pretty uncommon thematically.

The problem is, in certain sentences, when I have to translate from Dutch to English, I'm no longer finding myself needing to pay attention to the sentence, not because I'm learning well, but because they just don't come up anywhere else.

For example:

"De kleuren van de vlag zijn rood, wit en blauw."

When that sentence comes up, I read the first 3 words at most and I already know that there isn't a single other sentence like this I'm going to be asked about, so I know I need to write "The colors of the flag are red, white and blue."

Thing is, that means I'm not paying attention to the whole sentence, I'm not really learning the colours in the sentence and I'm not looking at any of the grammar stuff because I don't have any reason to.

I'm just wondering if it was possible to do something about this? Maybe add new sentences with different colours or a different object or something? Anything that stops me from being able to absent mindedly answer the question because of the first word...

August 23, 2014



Hey Lady_azael! ^^

I hear what you're saying and we'll see what we can do. Perhaps it will be possible to add some more sentences for colors, at least... but changes like these are difficult to implement globally. The thing is that we do not know much about the selection of the sentences from our database: the algorithm and the probability at which sentences are chosen. It is possible that the way sentences are selected for our course is different from the original, non-incubated courses. Thus, us adding more sentences like these to the course may not necessarily result into a better distribution of sentences per exercise, course-wide.


I encounter the same with the other courses; sometimes it is a disadvantage to have a good memory for sentences:-) I still remember from a beginning Greek course the absurd sentence, "Mary, being the American that she is, watches her weight". But I also know that that same course was much better at getting me speaking than any grammar-based instruction I'd had in high school for other languages.

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