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  5. "That is a bad rabbit."

"That is a bad rabbit."

Translation:Dat is een slecht konijn.

August 23, 2014



For some reason, it consider "slechte" instead of "slecht" as only a typo for me... it should be a grammer mistake


Run Away! Run Away!


Is this a rabbit who is evil, a rabbit who tastes bad, or a rabbit who's bad at being a rabbit (i.e. a rabbit who barks and chases cats)?


It can mean all of the above.


The first is the most obvious, with taste you would say "smaakt slecht". And the other one I guess em
"het on-konijnachtige konijn"
(un-rabbit-like rabbit I probably messed up the hyphens in both languages, sorry I'm tired.)

Or het falende konijn. The failing rabbit. But that sounds so sad :(


Should slecht not be "slechte" in this sentence?


It is slecht cause it is : het konijn and een is used instead of het... Rule is as following: De words: De slechte man . Een slechte man. So always add e with de words And for het Het slechte konijn Een slecht konijn. So add e with het words only when using het ..when using een remove it


Why dat and not dit if it is a "het" word?


I thought dit=this ?


Dat and dit in this context are not related to het words . It basically like this and that in English when you r poiting to something. So that is a nice man ...means you poiting to a man far from you. While this is a good man means he is close . This sentence is the same so "dat is een slecht konijn "just means the rabbit is not close to the one that poiting to it. So dit also will work if the rabbit is close. And both can be used in the same context with de words. So dat is een slechte man and dit is een slechte man.


What kinds of "bad" can "slecht" mean? Are all the meanings in the English sentence possible, i.e. it can both mean that it behaves bad and that it tastes bad?


Yea I think it can mean most if not all of the things bad can mean.

It can be about music food or people, or drawings and other stuff you made


I love all the songs from slecht konikn


Yes they are evil. Might be the only animal I won't put my hand anywhere near (childhood trauma and no I didn't do anything to provoke it)

I wasn't serious well not 100 % I have no hate for them at all but definitely am apprehensive. I definitely sooner cuddle a tiger or keep a snake in my bed.

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