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"The Netherlands are several areas which are a country."

Translation:De Nederlanden zijn verschillende gebieden die een land zijn.

August 23, 2014



The Duolingo translation is "De Nederlanden zijn verschillende gebieden die een land zijn." This translation is problematic. The official name in Dutch of "The Netherlands" is "Nederland." The term "De Nederlanden" refers to a collection of political entities once governed by Charles V, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and his predecessors and successors. It encompassed approximately the current countries of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, and some adjacent areas that are now part of France and Germany. A better phrase would be "Nederland bestaat uit verschillende gebieden die een land vormen." Well, most countries are like that - lol.


Just a small addition: "De Nederlanden'' is also an official name in dutch for ''The Netherlands'', however not for the country but for the kingdom. My passport says I'm a citizen of ''Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" :)

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