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  5. "Por que você não paga?"

"Por que você não paga?"

Translation:Why do you not pay?

August 24, 2014



Shouldn't "Why you don't pay"? be a correct answer?


I don't think so, here. It's not grammatically correct in American English. That sounds more like a title of an article that lists reasons for why you shouldn't pay for something, while Why don't you pay? is a general question.

Why do you not pay? and Why you do not pay?...see where I'm going with this?


I see. The thing is that in Spanish is not the same if you say "¿Por qué usted no paga?" (sounds like a real question) and "¿Por qué no paga usted?" (sounds like a suggestion).


Yes, it's exactly the same in English. In Spanish, it matters where you place the subject (usted); in English, it matters where you place the negation (don't).


Then, is "Por que não paga você?" also a correct sentence in Portuguese?


I don't think "Por que não paga você?" unusual. It's only used in different contexts...

— Você tem que pagar esta conta.

— Por que não paga você?


I can't be sure, I'm not as confident in my grammar knowledge of Portuguese yet. Just based off of Spanish and its similarities, I would say it could be valid. But, Lamarz or danmoller could help you with that question better than me.


Mhm, no hay problema. :)


The best way is "Por que você não paga?". "Por que não paga você?" is very unusual. I never saw it.


"Why don't you get a job " sounds like a suggestion, not a question. Am I right ? (I'm not native English though)


Could you say "How come you don't pay"?


I thought "why" was «porquê»: «Porquê você não paga?» The way the sentence is written, it looks like "For what don't you pay?"


Por que = why; Porque = because; Por quê (used at the end of a sentence) = why; (O) Porquê (noun): why, the reason why.


Obrigado pela ajuda! I realize that this is another one of those differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese, but your comment clears up everything quite nicely! :D


how come "why didn't you pay?" is not an accepted response?


Because the past tense has not been covered yet. That would have been «Porque não pagaste?» or «Porque você não pagou?».


when did ' por' become why?


«Por» is not "why," but «por quê» is. In Brazilian Portuguese, it is written as words, whereas in European Portuguese, «porquê» is written as one word.


Porque tem moscas em minha sopa. (Just being silly but is that sentence okay?)


Nice job! «na minha sopa» would be better. I am not sure, but I think that in Brazilian Portuguese they would spell it as two words «por que». On the other hand, European Portuguese speakers would prefer to use «há» instead of «tem».


I'm confused how to say what and why?

What - O que e?

Why - Por Que?

But I've also seen qual used as why?


"Qual" is also used for "which", not "why".

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