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latest DL update for iPad, 8/22

There is an issue that I have been losing hearts over that disturbs me. Thrice I have penalized for words that weren't available underneath the question.

August 24, 2014



When translating the sentence, the words underneath were not in the answer 4 times in one go, meaning I had to repeat it until it behaved. Very discouraging.


I have three problems with the latest update. I was sorry to lose the ability to compete against a bot, which was a quick way to get a few points as well as a different fast-paced approach to lessons. second and more serious, the exercises where you have to repeat a phrase for the microphone no longer show the translation when you finish them. Third and most serious, the questions where you pick responses for a list now display incorrectly, with some words overlaying others and almost impossible to read, making the correct response a matter of guessing.

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