0 slots open

i want to buy flirting in the lingot store but, it says i have 0 slots open what does that mean

August 24, 2014


The slots for bonus lessons only become available after you reach a certain Skill. I cannot remember exactly what skill it is (it varies depending on the language) but it is not too far down you tree so you should see it soon.

Im on level 7 in french how much further do you think it will be?

I do not know the French tree but the Italian tree opened up the bonus skills between the Food and the Plurals skills if i remember correctly.

However, your level does not indicate where you are on your tree. All the level indicates is how many XPs you have earned in getting to your current skill. If you practiced Basic 1 lots of times you could be at a higher level than if you had completed 10 skills and passed all the lessons first time, without practice.

I hope that helps.

I am on animals and ive passed food.

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