Lost streak

My 212 day streak is gone. My ipad says there is no account with my login name. Help!

August 24, 2014


How have you posted to the forums? Are you using the web interface or the iOS app? Assuming that you can see and post to the forums, you are logged in correctly so you should be able to see your Streak on the Home page. Is this 212 or 0?

My ipad streak is 32 days. My online streak is 240 days. I get additional lingots based on the online streak. Each day I work, both streaks increment up one day.

I do my lessons almost exclusively on the ipad. The two should be the same. BTW, my iphone streak also shows 32 days.

240 is correct. I have not missed a day since I started the streak. I got no response from the Duolingo folks and no one else has any idea why there would be two different streaks.

My ipad/iphone shows about 14 days and the website streak is 224 days. They should all be the same.

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