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"El paciente ha salido de peligro."

Translation:The patient is out of danger.

May 23, 2013



the patient is out of danger should be OK


That's what I thought, too. But Duolingo insists that "now" be added to the sentence.


No need for the 'now' in my opinion.


Why the correct translation isn't: "the patient has gone out of danger"?


Although it's a pretty close word-for-word translation, "gone out of danger" is just not what a native English speaker would typically say.

More typical phrasings are "no longer in danger", "no longer at risk", "now out of danger", and the idiomatic "out of the woods".


Same question here!


What I find most interesting is that they have the extremely idiomatic "The patient is now out of the woods." as a correct answer, but they don't seem to have any correct answers that are in the right tense (The patient has...).


I agree that it is a matter of interpretation to add the word "now." The patient is out of danger should have been accepted as correct, given the structure of the Spanish sentence. Picky, picky!


This is a good practice site but it's weak on instruction, particularly with expressions such as "ha salido de peligro".... but at least it's still free.... so I can put up with its occasional quirks!!


Of course I put up with it too, but it will only improve if we point out flaws.


I knew exactly what this sentence meant in Spanish, and then had to decide How would I express that in English?

The trick was that a direct translation (e.g. "has exited from danger") just sounded plain wrong. I pondered it for a while. The Spanish makes it clear that the patient was in danger, but no longer is. So that's what I tried to capture...

"The patient is no longer in danger"

I accept that "The patient is now out of danger" is an okay translation too, but think mine is concise and should be accepted (Yes, I reported it).


The exact same thing happened to me, and I put the exact same response as you. I am also reporting it.


Anyone tried "The patient has gotten out of danger”? I lost a heart for that....reporting it


Duolingo is pretty picky on the usage of "has" versus "had" versus "have" and there doesn't seem to be any pattern in the usage of these words. In fact, it was so bad that I felt like I was shooting from the hip when reviewing this lesson.


Based on previous exceedingly literal accepted translations, to ask for "now" when there is NO indication of "now" in the sentence seems confusing and arbitrary....just plain mean.


"The patient is no longer in danger" worked!

¡Qué gratificante!


"The patient has gotten out of danger"---no?


This has the wrong translation. It is supposed to translate 'The patient is now out of danger'. Peligro means Danger not tree!


I put "The patient HAS BEEN out of danger" and it was accepted, even though the translation is "...is out of...". But why did they use the present perfect tense in the Spanish?

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