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ipad version update and the interface glitches[?]

I'm a Duolingo user in South Korea. After the last update(8.22) for Duolingo for ipad, I noticed some glitches and changes in the ipad app that I don't find convincing. I'll post the problems.

  1. Some of the images are not aligned to the center, but expanded and aligned to the leftmost bottom corner. The concerned images includes "You're correct!" tags and etc, +images of cheerful and crying duo after each lessons. Somehow the background image alignments might have gone wrong perhaps???

  2. I also recall that in previous versions, after popping open explanations for underlined words, I was able to close it by touching anywhere on the screen, but it isn't possible now. Only tapping on the said underlined word does the trick now. This is very inconvenient.

  3. And after speaking problems are finished, the translations are not posted on the screen anymore.(Is this intended for the new update, or is it just a glitch?)

I want to know if I'm the only one facing the issues I just mentioned. How am I to deal with these?

I've started using the app before Korea language was supported by the mobile app, and I still am using English to type down my answers(which I prefer). Could this be linked with my problems?

August 24, 2014



The new version on iPad also made it more difficult to select the words because there is not much space around words and the font is small. Especially selecting "I" is harder now.


Same with German, annoying as hell when evry word is underlined.


I'm seeing this as well. Also having problems selecting small words in the word-scramble. Also seeing rendering error with the first option in the 'fill in the blank' questions.

The 'Correct' banner now floats on the left and overlays what you are trying to read. Also much longer, overlaying much more than necessary.


I definitely see this problem: And after speaking problems are finished, the translations are not posted on the screen anymore.(Is this intended for the new update, or is it just a glitch?)

I always translate the sentence to myself before I speak it and would check my translation against what duo would show me now it doesn't do that :(. Makes those exercises not as useful - esp since the voice recognition is weak at best and often passes me even when I stumble over my words.

I also dislike smaller amount of white space around the words - both underlined words and words to select as answers (word scramble)


This also happened to my husband when he updated his iPad Duo Lingo app. Thankfully, he told me and I did not update mine. The biggest problems are the missing translations in the dictation questions (a great learning opportunity and/or comfirmation of correct interpretation), formatting problems in the fill in the blank multiple choice questions (first option in under the question and cannot be selected) and awkward placement of question feedback (if wrong, message saying it is wrong is on top of correction).

Hopefully this can be fixed...


I just updated to he latest app and they have fixed at least one thing : The missing translations are no longer missing. Yay!


Yeah, I've been getting this a lot. Also, when I'm on the website, not the app, it doesn't let me translate any of the documents in immersion. I enter my translation, and it does nothing. It's as if I didn't do anything. This is quite frustrating.


Losing the translations from the verbal exercises is idiotic and the clumsiness of word look up simply infuriating

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