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  5. "Blut ist rot."

"Blut ist rot."

Translation:Blood is red.

August 24, 2014



Blut ist rot, Blut ist blau, Ich liebe Meine Frau! xD


Blut ist nie blau; "blaues Blut" ist rot, doch hat keinen Sauerstoff.


Yep! It is false to say non-oxygenated blood is blue. It's still red. All human blood is always red. Your veins look blue because of the varying wavelengths of light and it having to pass through your skin, as well as being absorbed. But our blood, is never blue... ever; that is a wives tale.


I can't believe people still believe this; I would like think that someone came with it as a joke, but then some dummies actually believed it and took it too far


So what I have heard in my youth is fake news all along, amongst other urban myths. Ignoranz jeder Art ärgert immer noch! On the bright side, I should be thankful that I am no longer ignorant of this type of urban legen, or widely spread fake news. There were at least two others that I used to believe that turned out to be false. For example, I reluctantly started to believe in the fenine myth that cats always land on their feet, simply because it has been told again and again ad infinitum, but I then eventually found out, in annoyance, that it is fake news. It is the same with what my folks call gallinippers, said to not bite people and kill human-biting pests, bjut the part of it eating other such insects turned out to be fake news.


Why 'nie' and not 'nicht'?


Nie means never. Nicht means not. It's the difference between saying "Blood is never blue." and "Blood is not blue." Both sentences in this case are correct.


Blut ist Rosa,Blut ist violett,Blut ist grün Ich liebe alle Arten von Menschen


The fast version of the audio says "tot" not "rot"


You are right, but only if you concentrate on "tot" instead of "rot" in your head :). This reminds me a little of the McGurk effect where you hear the same syllable differently, depending on the image you see.


Glad I'm not the only one that heard that (female voice only, though).


Roter Sand, und weiße Tauben ...


If I want to describe a colour as "blood red" can I just say "Blut rot" or is there an alternate word? Thanks.


It's one word: blutrot.


What is going on here? I have just reached level 5 in this exercise , with about 400 points in the bank. All of a sudden my score has been zeroised. Has anyone else had such an experience?


I know it does not make sense, but it sounds like it say tot, not rot. If they wouldn't compress the living hell out of the audio it might be decipherable.

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